The NEW 2018 Law that May Cause the Market Crash!

This NEW Law that was just passed by the Trump Administration and the 115th Congress is a HUGE turn in our current fiscal and economic policy. […]

How the new GOP Tax Bill will affect Real Estate Investors?!

Ahh…the new tax bill….Many of you may already know that a new tax reform is on the horizon for the United States. But what does it […]
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The 3 Unit Real Estate Investing Prostitute Story…

So… I bet the word “prostitute” caught your attention… Especially in real estate investing, right? Every time I share this story, it turns people’s heads… There’s […]

How to Become a Millionaire in 5 Years!

It all started with an argument with a friend. “What is the quickest way to becoming a millionaire in America?” We would argue back and forth […]

Owner Financing : How to Negotiate for them! Part 1

Daniel and I have bought over 13 properties using owner financing in 2017 alone! It’s a very powerful financing method that you can take advantage of […]

How to Analyze a Rental Deal – Calculating Cashflow

Analyzing your cash flow on your rental property is super important! It’s even more important that you analyze the cash flow on a rental property long […]

Why Real Estate is BETTER than Stocks?!

Why Real Estate is BETTER than Stocks?! Now, I’m not here to necessarily bash on stocks… I’m not! They can be a good investment but often […]

Why Landlords Quit… And How to Prevent it!

Hey, it’s Sam here! Over the past few years and months, I’ve witnessed ALOT of landlords throw their towel in and call it quits on their […]

2017 Real Estate Investing Market Predictions!

Real Estate Investing Market Predictions for 2017! Will We ever bounce back to the Pre-2007 age this year? It’s been almost 10 years since the 2008 […]