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The Kwak Brothers, Sam and Daniel Kwak are the dynamic duo real estate investors. At the age of 21 and 23, Sam and Daniel started learning how to invest in real estate when they were just a broke college students. They have found a mentor and a group of experts who began training them about the market, how to raise capital, how to find the deals, and how to analyze them. Today, Daniel and Sam raised about $2.9 million of capital. Because of their training, they were able to expedite their learning curve and in 2017 alone, they have purchased over 20 rental units using owner financing! They are PASSIONATE about helping others to get into the business!


Sam and Daniel can help you in getting started in real estate investing, covering topics such as:


  • Fix & Flips

  • Buy & Hold

  • Multi-Family Apartments

  • Raising Capital

  • Finding HOT Deals

  • And much more!

Sam and Daniel are working with the #1 real estate investing course in the country and they EXPECT ALL of their working partners and associates to have been trained by the same investing course.


The Webinar will be hosted by Sam Kwak, one of the Kwak Brothers, himself. Bring your deals and Sam will help you determine if it’s a good deal or not a good deal. We ask that you do NOT disclose any address or private information if you feel like protecting your deals and opportunities.
We’ll pick the deal apart and analyze it without compromising the private information.Come bring your deals! We’ll analyze it to determine if it’s a DEAL OR NO DEAL!