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Our Blog Has Returned!

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November 14, 2019
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Our Blog Has Returned!

We shut down our blog for over 5 months and yes… It is now returned! For our next few blog series, we’re going to bring back topics such as real estate investing, property management, accelerated banking, and much more. We’re also looking forward to guest bloggers to contribute to our site.

We’ll also be using our blog to give you guys important updates in regards to the Kwak Brothers world and what it could mean for you.

As I’m writing this (Sam), our team is diligently working on updates and new features that will bring you MASSIVE value and features.

First, our upcoming FREE app and all-inclusive platform now finally has a name as of yesterday! We’re calling it “Cashflow Colony”. Originally, we wanted to go with a different name but it was taken. Cashflow Colony won’t just be about real estate investing. Although that’s our niche and our “corner” but eventually, I envision this platform growing out to providing education, community, resources, and other valuables for individuals that are just looking to start their own business (brick-and-mortar and eCommerce), or individuals looking to improve their financial situation.

This platform is not just about us… It’s about building a tribe… A colony.

When I looked up the word “Colony” in dictionary.com, One of the definitions that define this word is: “any group of individuals having similar interests, occupations, etc., usually living in a particular locality; community: “

That’s what Cashflow Colony is all about. It’s about building an online community with similar goals and interests.

Another definition of the word “Colony” is something I found to be interesting…

” a group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement subject to, or connected with, the parent nation. “

This is fascinating to me because for some of you, entrepreneurship and the whole idea of becoming a real estate investor may seem foreign, distant, or even impossible. Well, I want to invite you to a new possibility, a new “settlement” away from your old thoughts, old community, and old patterns of your life. I invite you to join people who are already in this journey.

I’m SUPER DUPER excited for the launch of Cashflow Colony! My hope is that we can get this out by December 25th 2019. It’s ABSOLUTELY free to sign up and participate in the community.

For the next few weeks, I’ll provide updates as well as Polls to ask what features you’d like to see after we launch.

It’s gonna be AMAZING! Alright everybody… I’ll see you in the next weeks’ blog 🙂