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How to Evict a Bad Tenant

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How to Evict a Bad Tenant

Alright… So you have a bad tenant…

Either they’re not paying rent or they’re causing a headache, I’m going to show you how to properly evict a band tenant out of your rental property.

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The first step in evicting a bad tenant is to serve or post the proper notice in accordance with your local Landlord Tenant Act. In most states, you have to give your tenants at least 3 to 30 days of notice to Pay or Quit.

The number of days will depend on what your state law requires. After you served the Pay or Quit Notice, we still want to remind the tenants to pay immediately and continue to give them notice that they are late.

You’ll want to document every communication from here on out. Once the notice period expires (i.e. 5 days), you can contact your preferred legal professional to file the eviction paperwork with your local county courthouse.

Once the eviction has officially been started, you’re going to follow up with your legal professional on a weekly basis. Never accept partial payments from the tenants as this will void the eviction process and you would have to start all over if the tenants still discontinue paying. What you’re looking for are the court dates and the possession dates.

Unfortunately, there are tenants who don’t take this seriously and you have to remove their belongings by force. This is our last resort but this is typically done with sheriff supervision.