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May 27, 2020
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Real Estate Market – New Stimulus, the Foreclosure Wave, and Crash

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Here is the latest on the Real Estate Market update. We have a guest commentator joining us for the video. We have Al Curiel who has over 35 years in real estate and investing. Al is going to shed some of his expertise and experience in the current real estate market, where we’re headed, and are we going into another real estate market crash and recession? Many YouTubers and experts have predicted some kind of a real estate market crash or a recession for this year but no one has predicted the pandemic. We’ll give you the latest outlook on the real estate market and what the next 3-6 months could potentially look like.

Our guest today shares his take on the current economic outlook, the real estate market, and how the new Stimulus programs are impacting the overall economic activity. Al believes that the real estate market could continue to take a nosedive and possibly a recession coming soon! This could also be mean a wave of distressed properties such as foreclosures, short sales, and loan modification. Here are couple of things as a summary that is happening in the economy:

1.) Quantitative Easing – the government is essentially printing more money.

2.) The GDP is dropping to -6.3% according to the JP Morgan Report.

3.) Unemployment is back to double digits which is something we haven’t seen since the Great Depression