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Subject To Real Estate: How to Buy Real Estate WITHOUT Credit (Breakdown)

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June 16, 2020
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Subject To Real Estate: How to Buy Real Estate WITHOUT Credit (Breakdown)

Subject To Real Estate Deals! This our go-to NO CREDIT Real Estate Investing Strategy! This is probably one of our favorite creative acquisition strategies to use to help distressed homeowners and landlords. Subject To Real Estate is a shortened down name for the full name: Subject to the Existing Mortgage. I sit down with Randy Pertler, a 30 year Real Estate Investor and good friend of The Kwak Brothers and discuss how Subject To Real Estate has been a tool in his investing career. Randy goes into some stories of his experiences in the past where Subject-To Strategy helped him out but more importantly, helped out those property owners who were facing a difficult situation during an economic downturn. Randy does a great job breaking down the Subject-To Strategy and gives new Real Estate Investors a solution to when you receive the age old question, “Have you done this before?”. “Have you done this before?” and “Can I speak with a previous property owner?” are HUGE obstacles in real estate investing for beginners. Randy shares some tips to overcome the objections: Ask the property owner for the actual mortgage document. Within that document is a clause called the “Acceleration Clause” or “Due On Sale Clause”. Typically, it says this, “If there is a change in 25% of the ownership of a property. At the lender’s discretion “may” call the mortgage/ loan due completely😮. Then you have 30 days to come up with the money. BUT! Do you think the Bank would really do that? No, the Bank is in the business of mortgages. Especially during economic hard times, the LAST thing the bank wants is a foreclosure on their books, they would rather keep the cashflow coming! Enter……..The Subject-To Strategy! TAKE NOTE! Creative financing, subject to real estate, seller financing, etc……..IS NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE for some people who have been working in the mainstream real estate industry. So you may need to do some educating for the people involved in the subject to real estate structured deal. Another thing that Randy is an expert in is putting the sellers at-ease when using the Subject To Real Estatestrategy with his willingness to go the extra yard to explain the details when sellers look at the Subject To Real Estate strategy. Randy has even created documents protecting the sellers when they look at securing another mortgage if they so choose when they move from the current property. For a SPECIAL OFFER on the documents needed to acquire properties “Subject To” with NO MONEY DOWN AND NO CREDIT, just subscribe to Randy Pertler’s Channel and email him at to request your documents for just $20. Randy’S Channel:

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