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Negotiating Seller Financing: TOP SECRET Tactics to Get A “YES”

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August 4, 2020
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August 7, 2020
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Negotiating Seller Financing: TOP SECRET Tactics to Get A “YES”

Seller Financing: TOP SECRET Negotiation Tactics for Real Estate Investing… Seller Financing/Owner Financing is one of the ways I was able to really grow my real estate portfolio exponentially, in one year! And in this video, I want to share negotiation tactics that I have used during the buying process when utilizing seller financing/owner financing strategies. When sellers hear the words; seller financing, owner financing, or any kind of creative financing, they tend to automatically have certain emotional reactions when hearing those particular words. So in order to make these types of real estate investing deals happen, you need to pitch seller financing/owner financing in an indirect way. In this video, I am going to share with you PROVEN ways to close real estate investing deals using seller financing/owner financing! The first point I want to make when negotiating for seller financing/owner financing is having the right mindset. Negotiating for seller financing is not a competition, many people I coach/mentor believe that negotiating is a competition. But we need to change our perspective when negotiating for seller financing, make it less about competition and more about collaboration. Your job as a negotiator is to create a win-win scenario for everyone. So how do we do this when negotiating for seller financing/owner financing……. 1st: Identify their problems. This means asking a series of questions that pertain to what are their pain points and motivations for selling. But these questions are not just any questions, but specific questions! 2nd: The line technique. Now with this strategy, it will help clarify IF the deal even calls for a seller financing/owner financing strategy. If the seller needs cash, GIVE THEM CASH! Not every deal can be seller financing. 3rd: Never push the seller for seller financing/owner financing. The moment a seller feels pushed is the moment you will receive resistance from the seller, which in return weakens your chances of a seller financing deal. You want to ATTRACT the seller during negotiations. Give them the illusion that they are in control of the negotiation. At the end of the day, sellers DO NOT want to be sold, they want to buy and in this scenario, although you are the buyer, you need to sell the property owner the idea of seller financing by making it a win for them, while making it a win for yourself. It’s the ULTIMATE real estate investing chess match.

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