Housing Market Update: 2008 Housing Market Crash ALL OVER AGAIN? (mortgage rates) | The Kwak Brothers

Housing Market Update: 2008 Housing Market Crash ALL OVER AGAIN? (mortgage rates)

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September 14, 2020
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Housing Market Update: 2008 Housing Market Crash ALL OVER AGAIN? (mortgage rates)

Housing Market Update: 2008 Housing Market Crash ALL OVER AGAIN? (mortgage rates) Welcome back to your housing market update its September 15, 2020, and here is the new housing market update! In this housing market update, we’re going to get into numbers on evictions, rent collections for the month of August, mortgage rates, and why I personally believe the 2008 housing market crash is happening all over again. Also, I will be speaking to those in the realm of real estate investing and those who are looking to buy a home for real estate consumers. Institutional landlords have filed for around 900 evictions in 8 major metropolitan areas in the past few weeks. And unfortunately, we are starting to see evictions going up and up. Now in the next part of the housing market update, there was a survey taken in regards to rent collection, 11 million units were part of the survey, 76.4%, a high majority made rent payments in this housing market update. In this housing market update, mortgage rates continue to set records by again, getting lower last week thanks to the federal reserve. The continual lowering of the mortgage rates by the fed have indicators of the 2008 housing market crash, all over again. Now keep in mind that subprime mortgages were being handed out like hotcakes back in the 2008 housing market crash. And the signs made Freddie Mac back out of the mortgage backed securities. There are 2 things that made the housing market crash back in 08′, careless lending of banks and the uneducated borrowers. The Federal Reserve NOW has invested a lot of money in mortgage backed securities and owns around 22,913 in mortgage backed securities. The Federal Reserve now owns 1/3 of all mortgage backed securities and that could very well be why the Banks don’t care anymore (like in 2008 housing market crash). Now more people think it’s a great time to buy real estate. And there is a huge number of American’s that believe (majority) it’s good to buy a house right now. And I get it, mortgage rates are low, the housing market is red hot! Learn how to acquire rental properties like The Kwak Brothers: https://dealclosersecrets.com/webinar The Kwak Brothers Real Estate Coaching Program: https://thekwakbrothers.com/coaching/ 0-75 Units In One Year: https://0to75units.com/book-order1587970091604 The Citadel Link: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/citadel-global-ventures-start-up-fund?fbclid=IwAR0U53wh5m8H4VzUhcInL5ZT5AKNFO9S1bGoo8RqWVglGx9rBodqOBcs2CE

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