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Can Landlords Now Evict You? (October 2020 Update)

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October 20, 2020
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October 23, 2020
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Can Landlords Now Evict You? (October 2020 Update)

Can Landlords Now Evict You?? Well last week I spotted an article ( saying that landlords can start the eviction process despite the CDC eviction moratorium, the government says. Well in this video, I am going to breakdown what exactly is going on with the CDC eviction moratorium. I am going to give some insight from the perspective of a tenant and a landlord (since I am both). What’s happening to the CDC eviction moratorium order and how that’s all being processed? I’ll bring up what I have found to provide some clarity in regards to the CDC eviction moratorium update, what to do as a tenant if you can not pay your rent without wanting to be evicted, and also what to do as a landlord if your tenant is unwilling to work with you after the CDC eviction mortarium was signed. Last month, the CDC released an order with a temporary eviction moratorium. Recently Yahoo News released an article claiming that landlords can now evict their tenants if it falls within certain guidelines. The eviction moratorium has put landlords into a very difficult position. Tenants are also in a difficult spot with the massive layoffs and lockdown orders, can’t work can’t pay right? Well yes, but I have been a huge advocate of landlords working with tenants to come up with solutions, landlords put their financial necks on the line so many people can have a place to live. In this video, I share a great amount of information about what the CDC eviction moratorium guidelines are but there is still a lot of information about the eviction moratorium that has been overlooked as of recently. You still, as a tenant, can be evicted if you fall within certain provisions in regards to the cdc eviction moratorium guidelines. So can landlords evict tenants with the CDC eviction moratorium? Technically, yes, but there is a good amount of provisions set forth by the CDC eviction moratorium that landlords must abide by. Now as a tenant applying for the CDC eviction moratorium, there are several categories that you must fall into to be a protected person, but YOU STILL MUST MAKE AN EFFORT TO PAY YOUR RENT! It’s not a get out of jail free card with the eviction moratorium. You must make steps to work with your landlord to make partial payments to stay current with your rent. The CDC makes this very clear in their memorandum.

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