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Commercial Real Estate | Here’s the BAD News and the GOOD

Episode 29: October 23rd Weekly Update
October 23, 2020
Housing Market 2020: Las Vegas, San Diego, Orlando Real Estate Report (October 2020)
October 27, 2020
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Commercial Real Estate | Here’s the BAD News and the GOOD

Dave Seymour is the star of the show “Flipping Boston” and he gives us his thoughts and predictions about the commercial real estate market. We get into detail about what parts of commercial real estate are performing and which ones are NOT doing so well. Dave also gives insight into commercial real estate investing for 2021. Dave is an expert in the field of investing in commercial property, especially the multifamily real estate arena. Dave and I get into details of commercial property investments; how leisure, hospitality, retail, and office real estate is hurting and may never recover. But we also get into how other commercial real estate investments are performing very high right now, especially warehouses and apartments! Dave Seymour’s YouTube Channel

Dave’s thoughts on the commercial real estate landscape are very interesting. There are some aspects of commercial real estate that have completely tanked and others have performed very well. So right now everything that was up is now down and everything that is down is now up in the commercial property. Retail commercial real estate has really suffered from the circumstances of 2020 and Dave feels like retail commercial property will continue to suffer into 2021. Office commercial real estate is also suffering, owners of office commercial property are scrambling to find ways to cash flow. BUT, Dave also feels if you can manage to pivot office style commercial real estate, there is some opportunity to recoup some losses. Now as far as hotels & entertainment style of commercial real estate is getting hurt pretty bad because of the 2020 situation. Now, what makes sense for Dave in the commercial real estate space, roof overheads, and that’s where we get into the multifamily and apartment units. There will be an uptick of investors providing affordable, clean housing. Now, what has performed very well in the commercial real estate space during 2020, warehouses and apartments. Warehouses have done very well because so many people have been buying their goods from e-commerce outlets. And in the next 3-6 months, we are really going to start seeing the opportunity to arise in the commercial real estate arena. And we have yet to even scratch the surface when it comes to all the new opportunities in the commercial real estate space. As the single-family market adjusts, Dave suggests taking a look into the commercial real estate space for new opportunities for rookie and seasoned real estate investors. There is a lot of opportunity in the commercial real estate space!

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