The Closing Table Show | Se1 Ep1 | Official | The Kwak Brothers
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January 4, 2021
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January 4, 2021
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The Closing Table Show | Se1 Ep1 | Official

Welcome to our FIRST ever episode of the Closing Table. The Closing Table is a Reality TV show for real estate investors. Think of it as “Shark Tank for Real Estate”. Contestants (aspiring real estate investors) bring their deals to the top deal closer experts to pitch their deals. Winners will be inducted into the Closing Table Hall of Fame. Losers will be “Kwak Blocked”… Be on the Show: Grab our FREE Book: Our contestants today are Jason from Arizona and Shaun for Missouri. Jason and Shaun both have deals that they are working on and they want the help of the Kwak Brothers to analyze their deals to see if it’s profitable or not. Find out whether Jason or Shaun are inducted into the Hall of Fame or … they have been Kwak Blocked.