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January 4, 2021
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January 4, 2021
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The Great Reset EXPLAINED | Investors BEWARE!

The Great Reset EXPLAINED | Investors BEWARE! The great reset is a proposal, by the World Economic Forum, that all world leaders, dramatically shift or RESET their economic philosophy, towards a one-world economy. On the surface level, The Great Reset sounds like a great idea to encourage unity and put the world powers together to stop all of the world’s problems right? Well in this video were are going to dig into what Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are proposing and unpack how that will affect everyone……. The Kwak Brothers Free Stuff (Passive Investor Training Included) 0-75 Units In 1 Year 0:00 Intro 1:05 The major components of The Great Reset 1:12 Component number one of The Great Reset 1:50 Breakdown of point one of The Great Reset 4:03 Component number two of The Great Reset 4:22 Breakdown of point two of The Great Reset 5:40 Component number three of The Great Reset 6:30 Breakdown of point three of The Great Reset 8:22 Private Business vs Government Spending 10:00 How the Great Reset will effect Investors 14:33 What does this all mean & final thoughts The great reset would steer the market to fairer outcomes. The article from the World Economic Forum hints at a change in the tax regulations, fiscal policies, upgrade trade arrangements and create conditions for a stakeholder economy. Now with many governments and the citizens of that country reaching an alarming amount of debt, the World Economic Forum is proposing a great reset of the world’s economy. Now the World Economic Forum is talking about changing outcomes and in my previous video, I talk about opportunities vs outcomes. I believe in fair opportunities, not fair outcomes. Because let’s be honest, not everyone has the same work ethic or aspirations for success. One person might work night and day to achieve their career/monetary goals, while another individual is ok with just sitting in a chair, watching the price is right, and eating bon-bons all day. Those two should not be treated the same. Also according to the World Economic Forum, governments need more involvement in the private sector, especially the business arena. I don’t agree, in fact, the government needs to keep their hands out of business completely. Look at NASA vs Space-X, NASA has spent BILLIONS of dollars trying the achieve what Space-X has done, with less amount of money, and time. Now the World Economic Forum proposes global forgiveness of debts, in return, lose control of ownership of everything. That means you wouldn’t be able to own anything, car, home, nothing. World Economic Forum: “Now is time for a great reset” Article COVID-19: The Great Reset Presentation from the World Economic Forum