Housing Crisis 2021 πŸ‘‰THE PROACTIVE SOLUTION πŸ‘ˆ | The Kwak Brothers

Housing Crisis 2021 πŸ‘‰THE PROACTIVE SOLUTION πŸ‘ˆ

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Housing Crisis 2021 πŸ‘‰THE PROACTIVE SOLUTION πŸ‘ˆ

Housing Crisis After COVID πŸ‘‰THE PROACTIVE SOLUTION πŸ‘ˆ. In this video I provide the SOLUTION to the housing crisis that we are facing in 2020. There is potential for a huge housing crisis after COVID, with the eviction moratorium being extended and President Biden giving a $15K credit to new home buyers. So I breakdown and unpack what exactly the SOLUTION should be, from someone with years of experience as a real estate investor. We have already had an ongoing affordable housing crisis, but COVID has accelerated the housing crisis which will be a huge factor in 2021. In a previous video I made about what the new Presidential Administration is doing to help out the housing market, and I addressed the issues that would become of the Biden Administration’s plan of action. You can find that video here: https://youtu.be/Ia-v9yEyEQI 0:00 Intro 1:17 Housing Crisis 2021 recap 3:57 My solution to the housing crisis 2021 4:08 My answer to the eviction moratorium 7:45 My answer to the $15k credit for new homebuyers 15:12 Closing thoughts on the housing crisis 2021 Real Estate 2021 is an interesting landscape, perhaps one we have never seen before. And with a new President, we may see some changes that can negatively effect an already unique situation. President Biden introduced an extension on the eviction moratorium until September 2021 and also introduced a $15k credit for new homebuyers. There has been an existing housing crisis in America for sometime and COVID accelerated that issue. When the pandemic hit, many executive orders and congressional laws were signed into place for when we had the nationwide lockdown. But these excessive programs have negatively effected real estate investors and could potentially crash the housing market. Many landlords do not have the resources as some of these big commercial real estate investors or banks. And in America, most of multi-family real estate investments are held by local investors. And unfortunately, these local real estate investors do not have the means of paying their debt service without their tenants paying the bills. Many tenants have stopped paying rent which causes a housing crisis because these local investors do not have the capability of paying their mortgages without their tenants paying the rent. This leads to a housing crisis because some people are taking advantage of the eviction moratorium and NOT paying their rent. And then from a home buyer stand point, a $15k credit towards a new home DOES NOT fix the credit worthiness of the borrower. We are in a housing bubble and I’m sure within time it will pop and all these folks with that had a $15k credit for buying their new homes, may not even be able to afford their home. We are looking at a potentially even BIGGER affordable housing crisis if we DO NOT address this issue the correct way. We can’t just keep printing money and throwing it at things like a Band-Aid, we need a proactive solution.

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