Real Estate 2021: How Biden Presidency will Change EVERYTHING | The Kwak Brothers
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February 9, 2021
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Real Estate 2021: How Biden Presidency will Change EVERYTHING

Housing Market How Biden Presidency will Change EVERYTHING. How a Biden Presidency can potentially change everything in real estate 2021! President Joe Biden just signed a bunch of executive orders and has promised a few things in regards to the 2021 housing market. In this video, I make my 2021 housing market predictions based on what President Biden has promised to the people looking to buy real estate 2021. Biden’s real estate plan could potentially change the whole housing market in 2021. 0:00 Intro 1:00 What President Biden promised for real estate 2021 1:35 A visual example of the housing market 4:55 Biden tax credit 6:00 A visual example of the Biden tax credit Real Estate 2021 will be a very interesting series of events with the extension of the eviction moratorium. Now it’s no secret that the eviction moratorium will most likely continue to be extended and there is speculation that the eviction moratorium will be extended till the end of September. Now is this good or bad for real estate 2021? I can tell you now that it is not good for the housing market. It’s pretty much like shaking a can of coke and opening it right away. Now what are these consequences that I am speaking of? Well real estate 2021, 14 million Americans are behind on rent. With 12 million people owing close to 6,000 per person. That’s 70 billion dollars worth of rent right there. And that number will only go higher. Soo all in all between the delinquencies, unpaid rent, displacement and other contributing factors to real estate 2021, we will most likely see the housing market slow down. And with that slow down, you may see real estate 2021 move backwards under a Biden Presidency. Secondly, what President Biden is proposing, is a $15,000 credit for a first time home buyer for real estate 2021. Seems like a good thing right? It may actually hurt buyers in the 2021 housing market. It also doesn’t help that real estate 2021 inventory is pretty low. And a Biden tax credit does not help the fact of banks are tightening lending and that does not HELP the credit worthiness of a first time home buyer. In the eyes of the bank, you are at the same level of risk with or without the Biden tax credit. Time will only tell what Biden real estate looks like. With the eviction moratorium extended and the President proposing the Biden tax credit for first time home buyers. The circumstances are going to very interesting for those who will take part in real estate 2021.