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Inflation | How Long Is It Going To Last?

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Inflation | How Long Is It Going To Last?

Inflation | How Long Is It Going To Last? With the rising prices of goods and services currently, one would begin to ask, how long will inflation last? Well what we can tell you is that inflation, obviously with the events of 2020, has been in the making for the last 10 years. Now markets cycles are a normal thing in our economy, but is inflation here to stay or is it transitionary like how Jerome Powell, chairmen of the Federal Reserve has claimed it to be. So in this video we’ll be breaking down some stats and charts from our research on what inflation outlook is going to look like for everyone in the coming months/years.  Is inflation here for a good time or a long time? Jerome Powell has been expressing that inflation is not here to stay, it’s transitionary as the economy starts to open up once again. But inflation has been a looming problem starting a few years ago. The last couple years have been deflationary with prices of gas and travel pretty low. There has been a lot of cash being given out since the lockdown and not many people are willing to spend that cash. But now with the economy opening up again, supply chains are lacking and employment demand is very high. But what did come first to cause inflation to go up in 2021? Did we lack supply and have high demand or is it flip-flopped? One way that employers are enticing people to want to work for them is increasing their wages. So after the events of 2020, people are being paid more now then before to produce the same products/services. Which means the cost of goods/services are being passed down to the consumer which will cause prices to go up. It’s a theory of why inflation is going on but it does make us raise eyebrows. And we have never seen fiscal policy and monetary policy fire off as hot at the same time….ever…

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