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Housing Market: Is The Media Lying?

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June 29, 2021
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Housing Market: Is The Media Lying?

Housing Market: Is The Media Lying? So we have seen so much news in the past year about the housing market; are we in a housing bubble? is the housing market going to crash? are big institutional investors buying up all the homes? the list of headlines go on….for days! But in this video, I sit down and DEBUNK 3 major lies that the mainstream media has been talking about in the news. I back all this up with stats, professional experience, and common sense when it comes to the housing market!  Myth #1: There is NO housing bubble According to CNN, housing demand is about to weaken, which would indicate that there is NO housing bubble at the moment. And it’s not only CNN, there’s several media outlets talking about the housing bubble and lack there of. Now one of the most ironic things about the housing bubble, is the denial of a housing bubble….now if you understand what a housing bubble, or even a market bubble is, you’ll understand what I am talking about in this video. The artificial boosting of the housing market with the quantitative easing we see the fed do, propped up the housing market with “Micky Mouse money”. Myth #2: The lack of inventory in the housing market Now the media might be right about this one BUT this might be misconstrued from a different angle. So we are seeing the media cherry picking facts from the housing market to fit their narrative……are you surprised? It’s not that there is a lack of housing, home sales in 2020 and 2021 are at record highs comparted to 2011… and 2021 is a record breaking year for home sales in the housing market. Myth #3: Big institutional buyers are buying up all the inventory We have seen this story A LOT recently which made me curious to get to the bottom of this topic. But if you really look at the statistics, it’d be impossible for big institution investors to buy up so much of the housing market to outbid everyone buying a home at the current moment.

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