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    Accelerated Banking Refund Request Form


    This is the official refund request for the Accelerated Banking Consulting Service. As stipulated in the original client agreement you signed, you must provide ONE of these TWO conditions for consideration:

    1. Failure to obtain a Line of Credit tool after 3 good faith attempts or;
    2. Your mortgage balance did not decrease faster than the traditional method after getting a line of credit and then using our method.

    If your request does not meet either of the condition, you may also write a thorough reason for your request in the provided input field below.

    Please understand that there is a review process to make sure that you meet the conditions for the refund process.


    Option #1 - "I Could Not Get Approved for a Line of Credit after 3 or more tries"

    If you tried to get a line of credit and got denied 3 or more times, please provide at least 1 denial letter from the banks.

    Upload At Least 1 Denial Letter:


    Option #2 - "My mortgage balance didn't decrease faster after obtaining a line of credit and using the Accelerated Banking Strategy"

    If you got approved for a line of credit (or already had one) then applied our method but didn't see your mortgage balance decrease faster, please provide your mortgage statement at the start of the strategy and the mortgage statement after you implemented the strategy for us to review.

    Upload Your Initial Mortgage Statement:
    Upload Your Latest Mortgage/LOC Statement:


    Option #3 - "My situation doesn't meet Options #1 and #2, I have another reason for a refund request"

    Please provide a thorough reason as to why you should receive a refund below.


    By submitting this request, you agree that you are making a truthful representation. If your refund request is approved, you will receive a notice and the funds will return to your original payment method within 5-7 business days. If your refund request is denied, we will provide you a reason why your request was denied. If your request is denied, you agree to accept the outcome of our decision, release all liability, and hold us harmless. We may give you the option to pause our service or continue with other suggested plans that we recommend. You may also choose to receive a credit instead for our other programs.

    Please Allow for 24-48 Business Hours for us to review. If we require additional information, we will contact you.

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