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    Accelerated Banking Consulting Program Agreement


    This is a bilateral legally binding contract between You (the “Member”) and Accelerated Strategies, LLC, DBA: Accelerated Banking, delivering the products and services herein referred to as “Accelerated Banking Consulting Services” commencing from the date this agreement is executed. 

    The purpose of this agreement is simply to set expectations of what you can expect of us and what we expect of you as we work together to help you implement our strategies.

    What You Are Getting:

    You will receive the following services from our company:

    • Membership in our Accelerated Banking Consulting Program

    • On-Demand Videos – HELOC Strategy Education Training Course 

    • On-Going 1:1 Support/Consulting- Zoom and phone consultations with your Strategy Consultant and Success Coordinator 

    • Weekly LIVE Q&A Zoom Group Support Calls

    • Membership in Our Private Facebook Group Community

    • Accelerated Banking Program Workbook

    • (BONUS) 24/7 Access to our Help Desk and AI Bot

    • (BONUS) Introduction to Banking Course

    • (BONUS) Credit Mastery Course

    • (BONUS) Heloc Tracking Software – Beta Version

    • (BONUS) Invitation to Participate in our Affiliate Referral Program

    Expectations & Acknowledgement

    • As a member, your success is vitally important to us! When you call, email, or visit us at our office - you deserve a timely response to all inquiries or contacts within our published support hours. Published support hours are available in your member dashboard.

    • You agree that you are investing in education and consulting. Accelerated Strategies LLC, DBA Accelerated Banking does not originate loans, therefore we are not able to guarantee bank loan approvals. 

    • You agree that you will adhere to recommendations given by your strategy consultant and trust the process. However, this is not to be construed as legal, certified financial, and or tax advice. We are not acting as a fiduciary on your behalf.

    • All content and materials including audio, videos, books, and articles are licensed to you only for the duration of our services. That means, you are restricted from sharing and do not have any claim of ownership of our material. We license our Intellectual Property (IP), “Education Course and Ongoing Consultative Support” for your personal use. This includes yourself and spouse as a “client team” and is not to be shared with others. 

    • We may, from time to time, advise that you speak with other professionals before proceeding with the strategy. Your consultant and/or coach will do their best to provide you with a sound plan in a professional manner. 

    • Our goal is to help you pay off your mortgage, using methods, strategies, and solutions available to you. The goal is not to simply help you qualify for a line of credit, though this may be a necessary step to helping you pay off your mortgage. 

    • We ask all clients to notify us immediately if any relevant change has been made to your situation or your finances so that we may re-evaluate your strategy and make necessary adjustments.

    • You agree to do your best to follow the coaching, instructions, and consultations to your best of the ability.

    • This program may mention the topic of real estate investing. However, this specific program does not teach, coach, and/or guide clients in the business of real estate investing but we do encourage our clients to consider engaging in the business of real estate investing upon implementation of the strategy. 


    What We Promise:

    • We, Accelerated Banking, promise to provide the services listed above in a timely fashion. 

    • We promise to be available and ready to help you pay off your mortgage and/or other debt with methods, strategies, and solutions available to you. Such methods, strategies and solutions will be legal, ethical, and moral. 

    • We promise to do our best to help you qualify for a line of credit by providing strategies and solutions, ongoing coaching, and consultative support to help you get the HELOC (or other financial instruments) needed to implement your chosen strategy. However, we do not promise or guarantee that you will qualify for a line of credit and/or any other banking services. We do not promise a specific outcome, result, and/or lack thereof. Any estimated savings of time and/or money are only reasonable estimation solely based on the information provided by you, the client, during the Discovery Consultation Interview. 

    • We promise to keep your information safe, confidential, and secured.

    What you promise

      • You agree to watch the course materials so that you have the understanding necessary to be successful using the strategies we teach

      • You agree to schedule your initial strategy consultation within a reasonable amount of time (1-2 weeks)

      • You agree to make your application for bank approval in a reasonable amount of time (1-2 weeks)

      • You agree to communicate any questions, concerns, or challenges regarding bank approval within a reasonable amount of time (1 week)

      • You agree that as you make the effort to obtain any financial solutions, i.e., HELOC lines of credit, PLOC’s, BLOC’s, retirement fund loans, credit card funding, savings or any other sources of liquid money, you agree to use our Strategic Recommendations to determine the best course of action for your specific situation. 

      • You agree to give us a chance to address any challenges or concerns during your bank approval process before taking actions that negatively affect your ability to successfully implement our strategies. 

      • You agree, in the event of bank denial, to provide any denial letters and any documentation you have or receive to help your strategy consultant provide alternative solutions.

      • You agree not to share, (proprietary information provided to you, within the scope of your membership) with anyone other than your spouse. You understand that we must protect our Intellectual Property. We employ tracking software that tracks the IP address of computers used to access our course material. If we determine there is unauthorized sharing, we reserve the right to cancel your license and terminate your account. In the event of license termination, your account access will be permanently cancelled, and no fees shall be eligible for any type of refund.

      • You agree not to file a credit card dispute without communicating your challenges or concerns to us in a timely manner so that we have a chance to provide solutions that fit your specific needs. 

      • You understand that if you file a dispute without communicating with us in good faith that we will have no choice but to challenge your dispute to protect our rights under this agreement.

    Conditional Money Back Guarantee

    • By signing below, you affirm that you understand and agree to our   180-day conditional money back guarantee with the following conditions:

      • If you apply what we teach and implement our strategy recommendations and your mortgage balance does not go down faster than your traditional amortized mortgage, we will provide a 100% refund upon receipt and review of documentation showing you have used what we teach and comparison of results. 

      • Our strategies are based on simple math, we would not accept you as a client if we were not confident you meet the requirements to be successful. We base this solely on the information you provide during your discovery consultation call prior to enrolling in our course. Inaccurate information or changes to this information later in the process do not constitute a valid reason for a refund. 

      • If you have not fully implemented our strategies to provide the opportunity for us to verify your documented results you will not be eligible for a 100% refund. 

      • You understand that once you have accessed our course material, received consultative services from your strategy consultant and received your customize bank recommendations you will not be eligible for a refund for any reason other than if your balance doesn’t decrease faster than your amortized mortgage. Any potential refunds will not exceed 50% of your enrollment fee and refund approval is completely at our discretion based on your unique circumstances. 

      • A "cold feet" or a "change of mind" after the enrollment does not constitute a valid reason and/or the qualification for our money-back guarantee. Invalid reasons for a refund include but are not limited to job loss, illness, issues that affect your income or unforeseen life events.

      • If you violate any part of this agreement, you are disqualified for any type of refund.

        •  We reserve the right to not refund you any money if there is evidence that you enrolled with malicious intent to harm our company, our consultants, our staff, and/or our clients. We reserve the right to withhold a refund of any money if you have not been truthful, misrepresented your financial situation, and/or withheld any information that would have disqualified you from the services we offer. 


    We are confident that you will be delighted with our service and the outcome of your results. It is important to understand we only allow families that are dedicated and coachable to join our community as this commitment is the first step to success. As such, we ask that you introduce our Accelerated Banking Program to your family members, friends and people you know love and respect who could also benefit from our program. We have developed a Referral Affiliate program that offers monetary incentives as a way of saying “Thank You” for helping us on our mission to providing American families with financial peace of mind, one family at a time!

    Welcome to our community!

    By Signing below, you agree with the above terms and conditions.

    Your Signature: (Draw Your Signature)

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    242 W. Main Street #345
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