Old Blog - The Kwak Brothers - Part 13

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Mind & money Meet

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Pay Off Your Loan Or Invest? Know What’s Better For You

Time and time again, I see people choosing to focus either a mortgage or an investment but not both at the same time. But which option is better to start with? In this article, I will show you how you can invest AND pay off your mortgage without the diminishing effects of either process. I want to show you that it’s possible to pay off your mortgage and invest simultaneously. More often than not, such a decision often depends on your financial situation. While many people believe that paying off money is best since it saves on your interest payments, others may want to invest their extra

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Elementor #11260

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BREAKING! The Eviction Problem Just Got WORSE 😧

The eviction moratorium has completely expired and the US Supreme Court ruled against the CDC wanting to extend the moratorium. In addition to this, recently the Federal Unemployment Benefit also expired this week and the Biden Administration has no intention of bringing the unemployment benefit back as the economy is starting to open up.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaTUQruQjKQ In this video, I’m going to unpack what this all means and how real estate investors could potentially benefit from the eviction

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Older Posts

January 4, 2021

Why I’m Paying $12,000 to my daughter…

You might be thinking to yourself, “Sam, why are you paying your daughter $12k? Shouldn’t you be reinvesting that into your business?” Sure, it sounds crazy but it’s a wonderful tax strategy for small businesses or even big businesses. This business write off can help negate tax liabilities BUT also set up your kids for a bright future! BUT there are some guidelines you must follow in order to make this business tax write-off work…..LEGALLY. So in this video, I am going to talk about what exactly I am doing to help negate tax liabilities while paying my kid, helping her set up a successful financial future, AND saving my business huge $$$$ while doing it legally. (I also have a professional chime in so you’ll WANT to stick around for that!) 0:00 Intro 0:35 Taxes for small business vs having a job 2:15 Explaining why I am paying my daughter 2:54 A tax professional’s take on this tax deduction 4:54 What I am doing with a tax pro’s advice 5:30 Why only $12,000? 6:04 What my daughter will do with $12k 6:30 What happens if I pay her more than $12k 6:40 Other benefits in paying your kids 8:30 How you can use this as a tax write-off Hamilton Tax & Accounting (The Tax Professional I Trust!) https://hamiltontax.net/ [email protected] As a small business owner, there are numerous things that I can use as a tax deduction. Office supplies, marketing materials, educational courses, food…….the list goes on. Now how this works in a nutshell, let’s say I make a million dollars this year in my business but I had $750,000 in expenses. By the tax code, I only have to pay money on the $250,000 in profit. Business write-offs are so important to negating tax liabilities, but also depending on what the write-off is, can help grow your business. You got to spend money to make money. So how this works as a small business owner is you pretty much tell the government how much you pay in taxes. In comparison to someone who works for a company, the government takes those taxes out for you. Small business owners, earn their money, spend it, and the leftover profit has the government take their portion. This is why I always advocate people towards entrepreneurship… Now how does this relate to paying your daughter $12,000? Well, the tax code is set up for you to be able to do this as a small business owner. You can pay your children up to $12k tax-free up until they are 18 years old. Sounds pretty good right? BUT there are some rules you must follow in order to be able to do this. First, you DO need to have a business, you can’t just pay your kids and tell your accountant to write it off, doesn’t work like that. So you need to at least have a business entity set-up to do this. Secondly, your child WILL need to do some kind of work for your business. Obviously, you won’t have your kid closing deals or anything but the easiest one is using them for promotional material or advertising. Or if they are a little older, you could have them clean the office space, shred papers, or general housekeeping!
January 4, 2021

The Great Reset: SECRET plot to reset the Economy? (FED)

The Great Reset has been a trending topic for the past few weeks and what does it mean? Is it really a secret plot to reset the world’s economy or is it just some euphemism for conspiracy theorists to create panic? Well in this video I am going to talk about what I found about The Great Reset and what recently happened in American news when US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin decided to tell The Federal Reserve to stop lending COVID-19 relief programs. I go into detail about what Steve Mnuchin did and how it’s going to affect lending from the Federal Reserve. “Mnuchin pulls plug on some pandemic lending programs that Fed considers essential” https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fed-mnuchin-idUSKBN27Z34P?fbclid=IwAR123Qtajq6k_qs-kz6Kic0yhslVgvRSWU4vYXuCIj5apJBO6c5A53ANS-A COVID-19: The Great Reset Presentation from the World Economic Forum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHRkkeecg7c 0:00 Intro 1:00 The Bombshell that US Treasury dropped on The Fed 2:05 My Interpretation of Steve Mnuchin’s move 3:15 The Challenge of The American People 5:20 The Great Reset 6:20 My Thoughts on the Great Reset 7:28 My closing thoughts on the Great Reset The bombshell that the US Treasury dropped on the Fed, Steve Mnuchin wrote a letter to the Federal Reserve’s chairmen, Jerome Powell, that they will be reallocating remaining CARES Act funding. Pretty much cutting the Federal Reserve OUT of the CARES act recovery efforts. There has been a serious effect from the covid-19 pandemic on small businesses, causing a lot to close and never open again. Now this money, $455 billion worth of funds is being moved away from relief. Along with a lot of economic hardship conversations we’ve had on this channel in the past in regards to the pandemic and the housing market crisis, there is a new concern, The Great Reset. What is the Great Reset? The Great Reset is a proposed shift in which economies and countries will be globalized and the people will be weakened and subordinated. That’s some pretty scary stuff coming from the World Economic Forum. Now this is a great reminder, that the Government doesn’t actually own anything, it takes our tax dollars to carry out policies, and you really don’t have any say in the matter. I believe the Great Reset is being pushed into the public as harmonious and helpful to all people, but in all reality, I believe it will do the complete opposite. It creates a world where you will literally own nothing, and according to a Twitter post from the World Economic Forum, you’ll be happy about it. This will also destroy the average person’s ability to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Great Reset may sound like a great idea but look at the long-term ramifications of not having the ability to own anything. The Great Reset is something that is being pushed onto the American people against their will, and we all know what has happened in the past when you attempt to control American citizens……
December 15, 2020

Episode 34: Success Principles and Finding Your Real Estate Strategy with Ketan Patel

In this episode Daniel sits down with Ketan Patel to discuss his first deal and how personal development helped him go from working full time Pharmacy to being a real estate entrepreneur.
December 4, 2020

Episode 33: December 4th Weekly Update

In this weeks Weekly Update Daniel discusses some current market updates, what’s been happening in his business this week and finishes with some wise words for your weekend!
November 20, 2020

Episode 32: November 20th Weekly Update

In this weeks edition of weekly update Daniel dives into some current mortgage rate news, what he’s been up to in the real estate world, and finishes by sharing his top 4 websites he uses for his research!