It’s Getting Cold Soon… Protect your Pipes!

I remember it was last January of 2018. I got the call… My handyman calls to let me know that one of our vacant properties that […]

Fed Raises the Interest Rates AGAIN & The Debt Toll…

Fed Raises the Interest Rates AGAIN & The Debt Toll… It’s the 3rd one of this year – the interest rate has spiked again by another […]

Cap Rate… It’s more than just a number!

When investing in multi-family (5+ Units) real estate, the cap rate is often used to determine the price of a given property using its income. More […]

What Gurus Aren’t Telling You About CASHFLOW?

The popular buzzword seems to be the “Cashflow” these days. Cashflow this and Cashflow that… Don’t get me wrong here! I LOVE Cashflow and I fight […]

Could Donald Trump & Michael Cohen’s Situation Crash the Market?

Could Donald Trump and his recent situation crash the market? Now before we begin, this is not a political article. I’m going to do my best […]

The NEW 2018 Law that May Cause the Market Crash!

This NEW Law that was just passed by the Trump Administration and the 115th Congress is a HUGE turn in our current fiscal and economic policy. […]