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Learn How To Acquire Cashflowing Rental Properties With
The Kwak Brothers Coaching Program

What You Get:

  • Learn to Analyze Deals to Avoid COSTLY Pitfall Deals
  • Learn how to raise private capital even if you don’t have a network
  • Learn how to acquire properties with no credit.
  • Find Profitable Deals with Secret Methods that No One is Talking About
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls with The Kwak Brothers
  • Get Personal Help In your next or your first Deal!

Facts About the Coaching Experience

What is the Kwak Brothers Coaching Experience?

The Kwak Brothers coaching is a coaching program that is directly aimed at starting and scale your cashflowing rental portfolio. We concentrate solely on helping you acquire MORE rental properties and cashflow while minimizing risk and costly mistakes

Who Needs It?

New Aspiring Real Estate Investors seeking a mentor and Existing Real Estate Investors who Completed Deals in the past that needs help scaling, Jump into a phase in the coaching that best fits for you. Whereever you are, we want to help you acquire your next cashflowing rental property.

How Does it Work?

Once you enroll, you’ll get a welcome email for you to create a login and password into our dashboard. Our team will call you to show you how to get access to weekly coaching calls,  how to access the 12 Week Deal Closer Challenge and Coaching.

Where Does It Take Place?

All coaching calls are either done through phone calls or through a video conferencing app. The course community and library is 100% online. You can access it at anytime and anywhere 24/7/365. The coaching is done at your own pace and speed.

Will It Work For me?

As long as you have a working phone, internet, and a determination to succeed, this coaching program is for you. We have successful students all around the country with varying goals and background.

How Long Does it Take to Accomplish My Goals?

That depends on you! Some clients take off and accomplish their goals within 12 weeks. Others may require some time to practice what they learn and applying it. You can choose to work fast or slow. It’s completely up to you. Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight!

See What Existing Coaching Clients have To Say:

12 Week Deal Closer Program Outline

Week 1 – Intro: Preparing the Mindset

The 1st week is all about mindset and develop your framework for success. You can make all the money you want but without the proper mindset, you won’t keep it long. We’re going to set you up for success in the long term.

Week 2 – Setting Up For Success Part 1

In week 2, you’re going to cover the basics of setting up your business properly. Even if you have a business already, we want to make sure your business is structured properly. This includes your LLCs, Corporations, and business taxation plan.

Week 3 – Setting Up For Success Part 2

During Week 3 of the program, you’ll learn how to decide where to look for deals and how to analyze a market. You’ll learn to gather the “intel”. You’ll also learn the basics of real estate economics and how the markets work.

Week 4 – Finding The Deals

Week 4 is about how to find the right deals. This week’s assignment is for you to generate leads using the strategies and methods covered in the Deal Closer Challenge. The Kwak Brothers will give you personal feedback.

Week 5 – Underwriting The Deal Part 1

In Week 5, we’re going to cover the systems and processes in underwriting and analyzing your deal. The Kwak Brothers will personally walk you through documents and numbers of real deals.

Week 6 – Underwriting The Deal Part 2

In Week 6, we’ll continue to underwrite and analyze the deals you’re working on. The Kwak Brothers will monitor your ability to analyze deals and see if you’re ready to “graduate”

Week 7 – Raising The Capital For The Deal

Week 7 is all about raising capital. The Kwak Brothers will give you the framework to help you raise the funding you need to make the deal happen! We’ll go over laws and rules when it comes to raising capital

Week 8 – Negotiating The Deal Structure

Week 8 is about negotiating the deal, the structure, and even the deal between you and your money partners. We’ll show you how to negotiate for owner financing

Week 9 – Putting The Deal Together

Week 9 is about putting all the pieces together – the financing, the capital, the deal structure, your business, and ultimately getting ready for closing! (Woot!)

Week 10 – Closing The Deal

This is it! Week 10 is all about the final process of the deal… It’s about the closing process and what you’ll need to finalize the closing. You’ll get tips on how to make sure you get a smooth closing process!

Week 11 – Intro to Property Management

Week 11 will cover the topic of property management. Whether you want to hire a 3rd party manager or you want to manage yourself, we’ll arm you with the strategies/tactics to help you avoid headaches!

Month 12 – Scaling Your Business

You made it to Week 12! This is all about getting to the next deal little bit faster and easier. We’ll show you how to scale, acquire more properties, and make sure your business can handle the growth!

What's Waiting Inside the Coaching Experience...

    • The Complete 12 Week Deal Closer Challenge Program You’ll get the exact 12 week road map to help you acquire a cashflowing rental property. We left nothing out. You’re going to learn every little detail, strategy, and trick that we used to acquire 75 rental units in just 1 year.


    • 1:1 Help For Your Deals The Kwak Brothers will personally help you walk you through your first few deals during coaching calls. We’ll hand hold you through analyzing the deal, establish terms of purchase, and help you until the closing process.


    • Our Secret Owner Financing Negotiation Blueprint  You’ll get my secret negotiation blueprint and system for owner financing that helped us acquire 40+ rental properties using owner financing.


    • Weekly LIVE Group Coaching:  You’ll get access to a weekly coaching calls exclusively for members and clients of the Kwak Brothers Deal Close Coaching Experience. The calls happen twice a week!


    • Client Only Facebook Group: You’ll get access to Coaching-Client only Facebook Group where you can interact with the Kwak Brothers directly! Ask us Anything you want!


    • Fill-In-The-Blank Templates, Sample Contracts, Email Scripts:  You’ll get access to templates, documents, emails, software, and tools that the Kwak Brothers personally use to run their business. We personally use these ourselves right now!


    • In-Person Meetings & Events: You’ll get special invites to events and meetings that are ONLY available for aclients and students.

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