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Learn How To Start & Scale Your Real Estate Investing Business With The Kwak Brothers 1:1 Coaching Experience

What You Get:

  • Get 1:1 Personal Sessions with the Kwak Brothers
  • Master Raising Money for Real Estate Investing
  • Master Owner Financing for Real Estate Investing
  • Learn how to start/grow your business
  • Automate your business so you can put it on Autopilot Revenue.
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls with The Kwak Brothers and Certified Coaches
  • 1:1 Personal Call Sessions

Facts About the Coaching Experience

What is the Kwak Brothers 1:1 Coaching Experience?

The Kwak Brothers coaching is a personal coaching program that teaches you how to start and scale your business. We have two main coaching topics: (1) Real Estate Investing (2) Business Development/Automation. Both designed to help you put your financial expansion on auto-pilot and create a cashflow empire.

Who Needs It?

New Aspiring Real Estate Investors seeking a mentor, Existing Real Estate Investors who Completed Deals in the past that needs help scaling, Existing Business Owners who needs help automating processes, Online Businesses that need help with getting more customers. Jump into a phase in the coaching that best fits for you.

How Does it Work?

Once you enroll, you’ll get a welcome email for you to create a login and password into our dashboard. Our team will show you how to get access to weekly coaching calls, how to book personal sessions with one of the Kwak Brothers, how to access the course library and get access our private community.

Where Does It Take Place?

All coaching calls are either done through phone calls or through a video conferencing app. The course community and library is 100% online. You can access it at anytime and anywhere 24/7/365. The coaching is done at your own pace and speed.

Will It Work For me?

As long as you have a working phone, internet, and a determination to succeed, this coaching program is for you. We have successful students all around the country with varying goals and background.

How Long Does it Take to Accomplish My Goals?

That depends on you! Some clients take off and accomplish their goals right away. Others may require some time to practice what they learn and applying it. You can choose to work fast or slow. It’s completely up to you. Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight!

See What Existing Coaching Clients have To Say:

What's Waiting Inside the Coaching Experience...

    • ALL of the Kwak Brothers Online Courses: You get everything that we offer in terms of our online courses. We leave nothing out. You’ll learn the technical details and concepts with the on-demand web courses.


    • Weekly Group Coaching:  You’ll get access to a weekly group coaching exclusively for members and clients of the Kwak Brothers 1:1 Coaching Experience


    • (x10) Personal 1:1 Coaching Call: Plain and Simple. You’ll get on a phone call or a Video Chat with one of the Kwak Brothers to help you specifically with your situation.


    • Templates & Swipe Files:  You’ll get access to templates, documents, emails, software, and tools that the Kwak Brothers personally use to run their business.


    • In-Person Meetings & Events: You’ll get special invites to events and meetings that are ONLY available for aclients and students.


  • (BONUS) VIP Networking & Vendors: You also get access to vendors and professionals that the Kwak Brothers use. Whether you need attorneys, accountants, book keeper, banker, loan officer, or insurance company, the Kwak Brothers can make the introduction.