Passive Income Mastery Ignite Agreement - The Kwak Brothers

    Passive Income Mastery Ignite Coaching Agreement

    This is a legally binding contract between You (the “Client”) and Kwak Brothers Coaching, LLC. (DBA: Passive Income Mastery or “PIM”). delivering the products and services herein referred to as “Passive Income Mastery Ignite” commencing from the date this agreement is signed.


    What You Are Getting:

    In exchange for the tuition fee to the Passive Income Mastery Ignite Program, You are agreeing to receive the following services from the company for seven (7) months of the program enrollment:

    1. Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Daniel Kwak

    2. Weekly Success Accountability Call

    3. ONE-on-ONE Personal Success Calls

    4. Complete Library of Knowledge Phase Video Modules 

    5. Access to the Private Student-Only Community Platform 

    6. Toolbox of Contracts, Templates & Documents

    7. Deal Analysis Calculator 

    8. Access to Regional Student Groups

    The Passive Income Mastery Ignite Program does not come with the additional benefits and features of the Passive Income Mastery Scale Program. The Passive Income Mastery Scale program is subject to its own program terms and conditions.


    Our Tuition Fee

    Our full tuition fee is Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000 USD) at the time of enrollment.


    What We Promise:

    • We, Passive Income Mastery, promise to provide the services listed above in a timely fashion. 

    • We promise to be available and ready to teach you everything we know about rental real estate investing in a manner that is ethical, moral, and legal.

    • While we cannot guarantee that you will close a deal or create ANY income, passive or otherwise, with our program, We promise to coach, mentor, and help you to the best of our abilities.

    • We promise to keep your information safe, confidential, and secure at all times.

    • We promise to communicate any substantial changes and announcements promptly.

    • We promise to ensure that any communication or requests are responded to promptly during normal business hours. Our business hours are from Mondays to Fridays between 9:00 am CST to 5 pm CST other than major bank holidays.


    Right Of Rescission  

    • If there's clear evidence that you've enrolled with malicious intent to hurt the Kwak Brothers and/or its employees, contractors, agents, owners, officers, and students - the Kwak Brothers have the right to disqualify you from a refund. If you use the materials, tactics, and strategies we teach you to harm others - you will be disqualified from receiving any refunds. In the case of a dispute or disagreement, you promise that you will adhere to a tribunal and/or an arbitration process and accept the outcomes as final

    • You may cancel this transaction without any penalty or obligation within SEVEN (7) BUSINESS DAYS from the date of enrollment. To cancel this transaction, email a written cancelation notice explaining your situation and reason for requesting to cancel to [email protected].  Once we receive your cancelation, we will promptly respond to your email and schedule a cancelation call, this will help with our company quality assurance. Your state of residence may have a different recession period. We honor all Federal and State laws regarding a mandatory “Cooling Off” period. You may check your individual state's recession period here: CLICK

    What You Promise & Expectations

    • You agree and promise that you will adhere to recommendations given by your coach and trust the process. However, this is not to be construed as legal, financial, and or tax advice. 

    • You agree that you are investing in education, consulting, and continuing support for the next twelve (12) months. Passive Income Mastery and The Kwak Brothers DO NOT originate loans, raise the money for you, or transact a real estate deal for you.  Passive Income Mastery and The Kwak Brothers do not offer legal, financial, and/or tax advice. 

    • You agree and understand that Passive Income Mastery and The Kwak Brothers will not close the deals for you. You agree and promise to put in the effort and the work required to get the results.

    • You agree to do your best to follow the coaching and instructions to the best of your ability.

    • You agree that the company may record, transcribe, and document all interaction between you and the company whether it's on a coaching call, one-on-one accountability call, or an event. Such recordings may be used for marketing and promotional purposes. You grant the company the right to use your face, voice, and likeness in the company's marketing and social media content.

    • You agree and promise to hold Passive Income Mastery and The Kwak Brothers and its employees, contractors, agents, owners, officers, and students from harm and liability. You agree that every action or inaction is your responsibility. You promise not to sue and to not cause a lawsuit against Passive Income Mastery and The Kwak Brothers.

    • You understand that past performance, testimonials, and results are not indicators of future performance. There's always a chance that you may not succeed with the program.

    • If you leave us a review, a testimonial, or a statement you make about your satisfactory results - you agree that Passive Income Mastery and its affiliates have the right to use your likeness, image, voice, and/or videos as part of PIM's marketing and advertising efforts. We may also request you substantiate your success and reviews by asking for HUD closing statements, contracts, and/or deed(s).


    By signing below, you expressively agree to the terms and conditions of the Passive Income Mastery Ignite program:


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