RCM Module-Only Agreement - The Kwak Brothers

    Raising Capital Mastery Module-Only Program Agreement

    This is a legally binding contract between You (The “Client”) and Raising Capital Mastery, LLC (The “Company”) in connection with delivering the accelerated banking consulting services starting from the date that this contract is signed by you.

    What You Are Getting:

    You are agreeing to receive the following services from the company:

    1. 12-Week On-Demand Modules

    2. Program Workbook

    3. Private Membership Group With other Clients and with Daniel Kwak

    4. ALL Legacy Courses, Programs, Challenge Videos

    5. (BONUS) Credit Mastery Course

    6. (BONUS) Recession Proofing Master Course

    What We Promise:

    • We, the Company, promise to provide the services listed above in a timely fashion. 

    • We promise to deliver all the content, strategies, tactics, modules, videos, and images to help you close your next real estate deal. Such methods, strategies, and tactics will be legal, ethical, and moral at all times. 

    • We do not promise or guarantee that you will close a real estate deal with our program.

    • We promise to do our best to help you close your next real estate deal by providing the most accurate, legal, and relevant education experience.

    • We promise to keep your information safe, confidential, and secured at all times.

    • We do not promise a specific outcome, results, and/or lack thereof. Any past performance does not indicate future performance.

    • What you are buying is our MODULE-ONLY program that does not come with the weekly group coaching and the 1:1 coaching with Daniel.


    • By signing below, you affirm that you understand that we provide a 14-day money back guarantee with the following qualifiers. If you apply what we teach and you don’t see any value or you haven’t learned anything through the challenge, we will give you all the money back. We are so confident that you’re going to be successful that we offer this guarantee. 

    • You also offer this guarantee with a risk knowing that you may enroll, take what you need, and simply request a refund. We entrust that you are also honest and truthful.

    • Also, We reserve the right to not refund you any money if there’s evidence that you enrolled with malicious intent to harm our company, our consultants, our staff, and/or our clients. We also reserve the right to not refund you any money if you have lied, misrepresented your financial situation, and/or withhold any information that would have disqualified you from the services we offer. 

    Expectations & Acknowledgement

    • Our students are the most important people in our business. If you call, email, or visit us at our office - you deserve a timely response to all inquiries or contacts. 

    • You agree that you will adhere to the module instructions and trust the process. However, this is not to be construed as legal, financial, and or tax advice. 

    • You agree  that you are investing in education, consulting, and software and that the Kwak Brothers are not private lenders, brokers, and/or legal professionals.

    • We may, from time to time, advise that you speak with other professionals before proceeding with the plan. Your consultant and your coach will do their best to provide you with a sound plan in a professional manner. 

    • You agree to do your best to follow the educational materials and the challenges to your best of the ability.

    • If your expectations are met and you are pleased with the results, we ask that you introduce at least two other people who you feel could benefit from our program!

    By Signing below, you agree with the above terms and conditions.

    Your Signature: (Draw Your Signature)

    Our Support Contact: [email protected]
    Main Office Line: 708-529-6527
    Our Office: 3S721 West Ave Ste 100 Warrenville, IL 60555 USA