donald trump

Donald Trump’s Marketing Tactics Dissected…

The Opening Statement Donald Trump… That’s enough to stir a tough conversation these days! Some of you may have clicked to read this to see if […]

What does “Pokemon Go” mean for the Businesses?

Pokemon Go and your Business? If you heard of Pokemon Go, chances are, you fall into these 2 categories. Those that love it or those that […]
Social Media Cube

Social Media – Create Your Target Audience!

Social Media Marketing- Create Your Target Audience Social Media Marketing – Sam Kwak                           Alot […]
Twitter Logo

Twitter Examples! The Good & Bad (Ep.6)

Twitter! Good & Bad Examples… (Ep.6) Twitter Examples: This is the Episode 6 of my Social Media Blog Series! Be sure to start from the beginning […]
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Twitter – What is it? Why does it matter?

Twitter – What is it? Why does it matter?  Twitter has been around for a long time and yet, there are still some of us that […]
Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads? – Are you wasting money on it?

Facebook Ads? Is your Business Wasting Money? Facebook Ads – Sam Kwak   So! Have you been wasting money on Facebook Ads? Are they even effective? How […]