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Mind & money Meet

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Pay Off Your Loan Or Invest? Know What’s Better For You

Time and time again, I see people choosing to focus either a mortgage or an investment but not both at the same time. But which option is better to start with? In this article, I will show you how you can invest AND pay off your mortgage without the diminishing effects of either process. I want to show you that it’s possible to pay off your mortgage and invest simultaneously. More often than not, such a decision often depends on your financial situation. While many people believe that paying off money is best since it saves on your interest payments, others may want to invest their extra

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Elementor #11260

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BREAKING! The Eviction Problem Just Got WORSE 😧

The eviction moratorium has completely expired and the US Supreme Court ruled against the CDC wanting to extend the moratorium. In addition to this, recently the Federal Unemployment Benefit also expired this week and the Biden Administration has no intention of bringing the unemployment benefit back as the economy is starting to open up. In this video, I’m going to unpack what this all means and how real estate investors could potentially benefit from the eviction

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Older Posts

January 4, 2021

Second Stimulus – House Passes | Full Details Revealed & Explained

Alright everybody, the House JUST passed the Covid Relief / Second Stimulus Bill and we’re pretty much waiting on the Senate to vote on it. It still needs a Senate vote and the President to sign the bill for this to go in effect. The FULL text has been released. The Covid Relief and second stimulus bill is actually part of a larger omnibus government spending bill. a total of ~5500 pages! The actual bill starts at Division M. Full Text is Released CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE AND RELIEF SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 2021 Starts at Page: 1823 Last night, the one-day stopgap measure has been passed – AKA a continuing resolution. What’s Inside the Bill So Far: 1. $600 per adult and qualifying children. (Page 1966) Steve Mnuchin says that the checks can be sent out as early as next week! 2. $300/ a week Unemployment Benefit up to 11 weeks. CARES Act was $600 a week, (Page 1934) 3. Tax Credit to support employers offering paid sick leave which grants employees 2 weeks of sick leave related to COVID-19 at full pay. 4. $25 Billion in emergency rental assistance and an extension of eviction moratorium. The current legislature extended this to Jan 31. 5. No mention of Student Loan Forbearance – but the latest legislature also shifted the forbearance expiration from Dec 31 to Jan 31 2021. 6. 15% boost in the SNAP Benefits program. 7. No State & Local Government Funding 8. $10Bil for Child Care and Development Block Grant (Page 1826) 9. Funding For Education: $81.8 Billion – Avaialble through September 30, 2022 10. Paycheck Protection Program & EIDL (Page 2009 a. PPP Loans Which are Forgiven Will Be Deductible (2) no deduction shall be denied or reduced, no tax attribute shall be reduced, and no basis increase shall be denied, by reason of the exclusion from gross income provided by paragraph b. Also, PPP Loan recepients must show that they lost 30% of gross revenue during the same quarter in 2019. c. EIDL Program has been updated to be stricter and targetted: ($20 Bil) (Page 2184) – Mention of the free $1,000 to $10,000 EIDL grant but with changes (Page 2191) – No more than 25 employees – Suffered an economic loss of not less than 30 percent unless you’re an agricultural enterprise. – located in a low-income community (IRS Code 45D(e) 1986 Code 10. Grants for Shuttered Venue Operators (Pg. 2124) Funding for theatres, live venue operators, motion picture theatre. $2 Bil Grants made available. No more than 50 full time employees. Source;
January 4, 2021

$600 Stimulus check – It’s Coming… (might be $2000)

Second Stimulus – $600 Stimulus Check Coming… Just 1 hour ago, the key negotiators from the Democrat and the Republican sides have finally reached a deal on the ~$900 billion dollar COVID Relief bill (stimulus bill). Now, the bill has not been passed just yet but it is scheduled for a vote tomorrow (12/21/2020) on both the House and Senate floor. Right now, both chambers have to pass a stopgap measure to prevent a government shutdown by midnight EST. 12/28/2020 Update – This Bill has been signed by President Trump on 12/27/2020. A possible amendment to the bill may come where the congress may vote to change the $600 stimulus check to $2000. More updates coming soon. Here’s what we know so far… 1. COVID Relief Bill text is not available just yet. ( I will update this once the text has been released) 2. $600 per adult and child. (No specifics on age restrictions and income requirements) 3. Another round of 9-12 weeks of Unemployment insurance payment will be made available. ($300 a week) 4. Funding for Small Business Owners included 5. MAJOR funding for vaccine distributions, schools, and more! The BEST part about this news is that both the Democrats and the Republicans have finally come together to agree on something! *(FINALLY)* I would personally like to see more of this unity in our country! I will create more videos as details come to pass…
October 14, 2020

2021 Housing Crash Response to MeetKevin

2021 Housing Crash Response to MeetKevin … As you all know….. Been uploading housing market Videos! These videos have all alluded to my opinion that there will be a housing market crash coming. Having said that there have been a LOT of different voices on youtube addressing the housing market and a potential housing market crash, and in the same breath, there have been channels both big and small that are saying that the housing market will not crash and everything’s not as crazy as it seems. 40 million Evictions Article: Ken McElroy’s Response to MeetKevin: MeetKevin’s Video: So in this video, I’ll be responding to Meetkevin’s housing market video “the truth updated” that he released Yesterday Oct. 4. In regards to the video, there are actually some things I disagreed with him on. So one of his first points he makes is that … Unemployment won’t affect the housing market as much as people think due to forbearance programs currently out there. Along with the fact that there is no real data that state real facts about unemployment or mortgage delinquencies. He also states that we have to look at the equity positioning of all the mortgages. Along with the fact that there are completely different buyers today compared to 2008 that are stronger buyers. Yes, it’s true that there aren’t as many predatory lending tactics as there were back in 07, and mortgage brokers arent making as much as they used to in the number of numbers as well. The fact of the matter is that 08 didn’t just happen due to predatory lending, it also happened because credit rating agencies such as S&P and Moody’s weren’t held accountable for the ratings they were giving out. In turn, 08 didn’t happen because of the relationship between financial lenders and the consumers only, but the relationship between banks and pretty much everyone, such as credit agencies, investors, other banks. In the video he quotes an earlier video saying that there may be up to 15 million households being evicted, he then says 30% most likely will actually go through the eviction process, then gives a scenario where half of those homes (2 million) would hit the market resulting in a 28% addition in inventory. Kevin makes the argument that this won’t cause a crash because the influx of new inventory will most likely be absorbed into the buyer pool and will sustain the crazy hot rising market we have currently. So that’s 2 million homes out of 15 million evictions hitting the market at the same time. Now let’s say there is no forbearance and therefore it doesn’t cause a liquidity crisis. it can POTENTIALLY cause delinquencies to skyrockets even more than now which btw I’m glad Ken McElroy covered this in his channel that over 2 million people are now 90 days or more delinquent. In his video, Kevin’s original math that he did was 30% of 15 million potential evictions and then half of those houses actually hitting the market which was 2 million homes resulting in a 28% increase in inventory. So if we follow the same path and take 12 million divides by 2 and have that be the number for how many houses hitting the market at one time. This results in 6 million homes hitting the market which translates to an 84% increase in inventory. Now let’s move on to what my Real reason for economic downturns happening is, fear. When no one wants to buy anything or go anywhere it causes a myriad of economic troubles. But in regards […]