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Pay Off Your Loan Or Invest? Know What’s Better For You

Time and time again, I see people choosing to focus either a mortgage or an investment but not both at the same time. But which option is better to start with? In this article, I will show you how you can invest AND pay off your mortgage without the diminishing effects of either process. I want to show you that it’s possible to pay off your mortgage and invest simultaneously. More often than not, such a decision often depends on your financial situation. While many people believe that paying off money is best since it saves on your interest payments, others may want to invest their extra

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Elementor #11260

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BREAKING! The Eviction Problem Just Got WORSE 😧

The eviction moratorium has completely expired and the US Supreme Court ruled against the CDC wanting to extend the moratorium. In addition to this, recently the Federal Unemployment Benefit also expired this week and the Biden Administration has no intention of bringing the unemployment benefit back as the economy is starting to open up. In this video, I’m going to unpack what this all means and how real estate investors could potentially benefit from the eviction

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January 4, 2021

10 Things that Millionaires don’t Buy… | Financial Minimalism

10 Things that Millionaires don’t Buy… | Financial Minimalism. As you can imagine, we’re EXTREMELY frugal and careful with our money. Instead of splurging and wasting a ton of money on things that aren’t fruitful, we’re extremely focused on investing our dollars that have a higher certainty for returns. So here are the 10 things that we don’t buy or spend money on to be financially frugal. Some would call this financial minimalism or financial frugality. We just call it being smart with your money 🙂 By following these steps, we’ve been able to make more money and save money in the process: 1:12 #1. Lottery Tickets Millionaires don’t leave their money-making activities to chance but rather focus on creating value by building products and services that solve another’s problem. Instead of throwing the extra $20, $40, or even $100 into a lottery ticket, why not invest it. And not just into stocks, bonds, or mutual funds but also investing in knowledge, starting your own business, or improving your health? 2:56 #2. Gambling/Betting Just like point #1, millionaires don’t spend (or waste) their money on gambling or any serious betting. 3:36 #3. Fast Food / JunkFood Now, I’m no nutrition or a medical professional but I know by avoiding fast food and adopting a healthier diet, I can reach peak performance in my business. 5:23 #4. Get Rich Quick Scheme/MLM Money always follows value. If you participate in a business model that doesn’t create any actual value, this is a failing business model and therefore, your investment has gone to waste. 7:07 #5. Brand Name Clothes One of the ways that I get away with buying clothes is through my business. Because we have a YouTube channel as well as making frequent public appearances, my brother and I are allowed to buy certain clothes through our business which we can ultimately write it off for tax purposes. Bringing Steve Jobs back again, he was often known to wear the same thing over and over again. This also has to do with the fact that Steve simply didn’t want to spend his mental energy to decide what he wants to wear. Instead, he made a single decision upfront to wear the same thing over and over again so that he can invest his mental energy in building his company at the time. 9:04 #6. Going Out/Alcohol Instead of going out or spending money on alcohol, we invest that time and money to growing our business. 11:19 #7. New Phones Every Year Millionaires don’t buy the “newest” gadgets each year… Even if they do, they have their businesses buy them and such investments have to serve a specific purpose in helping them grow their business. 13:02 #8. Fake Rich Spending This one is obvious… true millionaires know that they are – they don’t fake it by spending an insane amount of money to look rich. 15:19 #9. TV Subscriptions Instead of watching TV, movies, or shows that aren’t fruitful, millionaires instead watch courses, CEO interviews, Ted Talks, and other content that help and add to their businesses. 16:46 #10. Overpriced Real Estate/Investments Not only true with real estate but millionaires are very careful when investing their money. You have to know WHEN is a good time to buy and for what price.
June 9, 2020

Buying Real Estate Without Money or Credit…

One of this things that I found that I am really good at in Real Estate Investing is raising capital, without using my own money or credit. In this video, we are going to talk about the two strategies that I use when buying real estate with out money or credit. The first strategy I am going to talk about is called Subject-To Acquisition, Subject-To Existing Finance, or just Subject-To. The second strategy that I will be speaking about is called Owner Financing or Seller Financing. This is a staple in The Kwak Brothers’ real estate investing strategy. Subject-To Acquisition, Subject-To Existing Financing or Subject-To is one of the tools we’ve used to build our real estate portfolio. It has several benefits when buying real estate without money or credit, for both the seller and buyer. It provides the buyer a chance to acquire a property without borrowing from a bank or even borrowing from an investor because you take ownership of the property without carrying the debt. This strategy is beneficial to the buyer because you can have bad credit and no money but still have a chance of acquiring the property. On the other side, this strategy is beneficial to the seller because if the seller is in a pinch and needs a quick exit from their existing property, you don’t have to go to the trouble of finding a reliable real estate agent. Secondly, since you don’t need a real estate agent to help you sell your property, you avoid extra costs. This strategy also works for multifamily type buildings. Let’s say a landlord is tired of dealing with tenants, running into financial hardships (circa 2008), or the property is vacant and is not cash flowing the way the owner expected. Owner Financing/Seller Financing is another financial tool that we have used in buying real estate without money or credit. This strategy is VERY flexible as far as the terms for acquiring rental properties. And again, similar to seller financing, you can avoid the bank and all of their stringent requirements to secure a loan. Owner/Seller financing is again mutually beneficial for both seller and buyer. It’s beneficial for the seller because, again, no requirement to hire a real estate agent to sell the property, so you can avoid those fees. And a great kicker is also, negating certain tax liabilities once the property is fully depreciated.