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Pay Off Your Loan Or Invest? Know What’s Better For You

Time and time again, I see people choosing to focus either a mortgage or an investment but not both at the same time. But which option is better to start with? In this article, I will show you how you can invest AND pay off your mortgage without the diminishing effects of either process. I want to show you that it’s possible to pay off your mortgage and invest simultaneously. More often than not, such a decision often depends on your financial situation. While many people believe that paying off money is best since it saves on your interest payments, others may want to invest their extra

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Elementor #11260

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BREAKING! The Eviction Problem Just Got WORSE 😧

The eviction moratorium has completely expired and the US Supreme Court ruled against the CDC wanting to extend the moratorium. In addition to this, recently the Federal Unemployment Benefit also expired this week and the Biden Administration has no intention of bringing the unemployment benefit back as the economy is starting to open up. In this video, I’m going to unpack what this all means and how real estate investors could potentially benefit from the eviction

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September 14, 2021

Peter Schiff Talks Inflation, Market Crash, & the Great Reset

July 27, 2021

Will The Housing Market Crash If We Lockdown AGAIN?!

Will The Housing Market Crash If We Lockdown AGAIN?! With recent uptick in new cases with the “Delta” strain, many political figures and news outlets have been calling for more lockdowns. Now our question today is if we DO lockdown once again, what will happen to the housing market? Will the housing market crash if we lockdown again? Or will we see the red hot housing market cool down and get back to normal levels. So in this video I unpack all of what could happen to the housing market if we see more lockdowns and what it will mean for the whole housing market.
February 9, 2021

The BEST Real Estate Investment Strategies For 2021

The BEST Real Estate Investment Strategies For 2021! There has been a lot of speculation about what will happen with the housing market in 2021, is it going to crash? Is it going to keep getting propped up by the central bank? Who knows! But one thing that I do know, in order to be successful in real estate investing, is to have the BEST real estate investment strategies for the year 2021. Not all real estate investment strategies are a one size fit all, there are specific ones that you need to focus on, especially in a housing market crash. According to many of my friends and colleagues who made a boatload of money during the 2008 housing market crash, there are a few real estate investment strategies that you should be focusing on. In this video, I talk about what these strategies are and how they can benefit you during the 2021 housing market crash. Register for our live event on January 26, 2021 Deal Closer Live! 0:00 Intro 1:20 The First Real Estate Investment Strategy 5:10 The Second Real Estate Investment Strategy 8:29 The Third Real Estate Investment Strategy The first real estate investment strategy I’d recommend using for 2021 is short sales. Short sales are when there is a sale of a real estate property, where the bank takes a significant loss on the property because the current occupant is so far behind on their mortgage payments, that the lender will take less for the property. This was a popular strategy during the 2008 housing market crash because this was the case for many unfortunate homeowners during that time. The second real estate investment strategy I’d recommend using for the 2021 housing market crash is a lease option. A lease option is when a real estate investor actually controls the distressed property first before this strategy can be used. Lease options are good for price control of the property, as well as stability with options for the tenant. The third real estate investment strategy I’d recommend using for the 2021 housing market crash is owner financing, also known as seller financing. Seller financing is a staple in the Kwak Brothers real estate investment strategies. It’s how we were able to acquire 75 units in just one year, we even wrote a book about it ( But many banks do not want to have to go through the process of foreclosure, there are several fees and costs associated with that. Also, if a property owner is looking to exit their property ownership for whatever reason, seller financing is a great way to incentivize the seller to sell because of some tax mitigation that could come along with owner financing.
February 9, 2021

Housing Market… being destroyed by the Stimulus?

Housing Market… With the second stimulus bill moving quickly through the government and it looks like everyone will be getting, at least, $600 check from the stimulus package. But what does the stimulus package mean outside of free money? What does this mean for our economy? And most importantly, how will it affect the housing market? In this video, I will be giving you my take on the whole ordeal and what the future will be looking like for generations to come. Email Us: [email protected] Article: Evictions loom for as many as 20 million Americans who are behind on rent. That’s about the population of Florida.,rent%2C%20risk%20eviction%20-%20Business%20Insider&text=The%20word%20%22Insider%22.&text=A%20leading-edge%20research%20firm%20focused%20on%20digital%20transformation 0:00 Intro 1:05 The cost of the stimulus 3:00 Where does stimulus money come from? 4:10 How does this affect the housing market? 6:43 My initial thoughts on the stimulus 9:33 Data points to my argument 11:32 The Kwak Brothers giveaway With the stimulus looking like it will be signed into law here in the next few days, pending Senate approval, many ask the question, “who’s paying for this?”. Obviously, it’s not President Trump himself, but The Federal Reserve has a lot to do with it, but have you thought about, ourselves? YES! But not you and I, more like, our grandchildren. And the effect of the massive government spending in 2020, will be seen in the Social Security Fund. Many times when the government borrows money for social programs, it literally is being borrowed from the taxpayers without consent. And with the Fed’s balance sheet getting bigger by the month, it’s sitting at almost $7 Trillion dollars, and if this stimulus passes, it’ll add even more! So how is this connected to the real estate market? Well, it takes people to buy homes in the real estate market. Meet Kevin’s Most Recent Stimulus Update Clear Value Tax’s Recent Stimulus Update Stephan Gardner Stimulus Check & Stimulus Package Update | $2000 increase pass in the House of Representatives
October 20, 2020

Housing Market: SURPRISING Effects from Elections…

How do elections, specifically presidential elections affect real estate, housing markets, and all things that relate to the real estate market? Well in this video I am going to breakdown EXACTLY what to look out for when it comes to real estate and presidential elections. As we all know during elections, many things could potentially change in the housing market depending on the policies of the candidate. BUT there are 2 main differences when it comes to real estate and presidential elections. When it comes to commercial real estate (stores, warehouses, multi-family units) more of the effect of the local elections has more to do with commercial real estate while presidential elections affect residential real estate. Why is that? Well stay tuned and I’ll be breaking down exactly why real estate and presidential elections affect the housing market! So back to my point earlier on how real estate and presidential elections affect the housing market. The housing market as a whole, meaning real estate, single-family homes, places where people live, are more affected by the presidential election. In comparison to commercial real estate, multi-family units, warehouses, are more affected by local elections. This is because local elections create local laws and tax codes that directly affect their local area. Tenant laws, landlord regulations, zoning, and everything that encompasses commercial real estate, is bound to the local government laws. The net operating income is the number that a commercial real estate property performs in regard to profits. This is a calculation that investors use to see if a commercial real estate property is worth investing in or not. My second point when it comes to real estate and presidential elections is that residential real estate is affected MORE than commercial real estate. For instance, President Trump signed the tax cuts & jobs act of 2017. In a nutshell, you CAN NOT write off over $10k of expenses in a home over $400k. This hurt a certain class of people but homes under this price went lower and we saw some growth in the housing market for those prices of homes, which means people were buying more homes in that price range. Especially in states that have a budget problem. Lastly, in regard to real estate and presidential elections, you will see the prices of homes decrease. This is because of the financial uncertainty in the new president if a new one is elected. So people are less likely to spend, especially in the housing market, without knowing the outcome of said election. And generally, during fall months, prices drop anyway, regardless if it is an election year or not. So now you know how real estate and presidential elections are connected!