Our Cause - The Kwak Brothers

We Exist to Empower Every American Family to Have Financial Peace of Mind

For Our Employees & Internal Team

Having peace of mind for our employees and internal team means creating a safe place for our teams to work. We envision an environment and a culture that fosters trust through vulnerability, tough conversations, and healthy conflicts as part of building a strong team. We empower our teams & employees to make decisions and create solutions to the problems that are closest to them. Our leadership & executive team is designed to serve our junior team members so that they can serve our clients well.

We see our employees being fairly rewarded for their hard work. We see our employees being incentivized by creativity, honesty, integrity, and leadership – not office politics, breeding toxic culture, or self-promotion.

We see all employees and team members being valued for who they are – not their positions or pay grade.

We see all employees deeply caring for the needs of each other and for our customers/clients.

We see all employees committed to our cause – not to a paycheck.

For Our Clients & Customers

We see a day where all American families can sit on their dinner table to discuss financial literacy and concepts – to feel peace with finance. We see a day where all American families aren’t worrying about their retirement plans, how to pay bills, or even how to take care of the next generation. We see a day where all American families have direct access to financial strategies, knowledge, and tools that the top 1% has access to. We see a day where all American families have income-producing assets that can fund their lifestyle, dreams, and visions to change the world.

We see days where American families are using strategies to break out of the status-quo, to create wealth, and ultimately experience the freedom to choose.

We believe that true capitalism requires an organization to put the interest and the benefit of the clients first. While methodology and tactics may change, we will service our clients and customers to fit their needs to ultimately have financial peace of mind. When we have accomplished this, we believe that profits and resources will come naturally as a byproduct of protecting our clients, customers, our employees, and team members.

How We Do It

In order for us to strive closer to our vision of seeing all Americans have financial peace of mind, we offer educational services, software, video content, events, and a community to empower all to take impactful actions. We believe that knowledge and financial truths will set families free from financial restraints. We believe that the difference between wealthy and the poor is the knowledge to see opportunities. While we see all Americans having financial peace of mind through our work, we believe that it is only achievable if those families take action.

We believe that financial hand-outs and social programs may serve a temporary purpose, but it is not a sustainable path to financial peace of mind. We believe that God has created men and women to foster creativity, to create, to multiply, to grow, and to empower others. We believe that our work will contribute to more families pursuing a path of “producing” instead of “consuming”. We believe that the ultimate financial peace of mind can only be achieved by selflessness and activities that create value for others.

The “how” will change with time, but we will execute every project, product, service, and mission with our values in mind.

For The Rest of The World

We see a world where our American families can become a model and an example of entrepreneurship. Moreso, we want to see American families lead the charge of impacting the world by creating opportunities and wealth in other parts of the world. We believe that creativity, wealth, growth, and vision can also be unlocked in other countries. However, we believe that we alone cannot make a big enough impact. We want families and individuals to join us in our cause to start with our neighbors, then to our cities, regions, our country, and to the rest of the world.