Program Fulfillment Policy - The Kwak Brothers

Kwak Brothers Program - Fulfillment Policy

The following fulfillment policy applies to the following programs:
1. Raising Capital Mastery Coaching (Real Estate Coaching Program)
2. Accelerated Banking Consulting
3. Basecamp Courses
4. All digital courses and coaching

Fulfillment Timeframe: Immediately. All course registrations are immediate and the access is given to the user immediately through an account password creation process. 

Fulfillment Delivery: All course and coaching access are delivered via email immediately after the purchase/sign up. Online access is given to the customer with a welcome email and the receipt.

Terms and Conditions: Each programs have its own respective terms and conditions that are disclosed before the sign up process. They can be found here:

Customer Service Support:
(Master Support Line) 708-529-6527 
(Support Email)  [email protected]