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Why Your 30 Year Mortgage Was Designed for you to NEVER Pay if Off

Let’s take a moment to turn the pages back to when you, as a sprightly young adult, stood on the

Paying Off Your Mortgage Earlier vs. Investing : What’s Better?

Paying Off Your Mortgage Earlier vs. Investing Introduction Paying Off Your Mortgage Earlier vs. Investing,

Why You SHOULD Pay Off Your Mortgage (Not What you Think)

One of the long-standing debates in personal finance is whether you should pay off your mortgage early or

1st Lien vs 2nd Lien HELOC? What are the Differences?

When considering a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), two types come to mind: a 1st lien HELOC and a 2nd

Paying Extra Into the Mortgage vs. Using a HELOC? Which is Better?

You may have recently been introduced to the idea of using a HELOC, a Home Equity Line of Credit, to pay off

Can You Really Pay off Your Mortgage in 5-7 Years?

You may have stumbled upon videos or other articles that claim that you can pay off your mortgage in 5-7

HELOC: Sam Kwak Reacts to Money Magazine Article

Money Magazine Article: HELOC Strategy Explained:

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